university's vision

University's Vision
The university is to be a tool for the prosperity of the community through excellence in the teaching methods, and in the research and innovation fields, creating the appropriate climate for intellectual competition and partnership, and the contribution in the preparation of future leaders in various fields in line with economic developments in Iraq and the labor market.

Mission of the University
To meet the needs of the community and the educational development by offering high-quality programs, contributing in the development of knowledge in the community, taking a leading role in the field of creative researches, keeping up with the progress of knowledge and modern technology, and the quest for independence in scientific, administrative and financial levels.

The Goals of the University
• To achieve world-class quality of programs and educational services provided within the university.

• Employing the scientific research to be in the service of national development issues.

• Relying on advanced technology, especially the information technology.

• Developing competitiveness in the field of education and research among the Iraqi and Arab universities.

• Activating the participation in, local and international seminars and conferences and professional organizations by the twinning principle and by memoranda of understanding and bilateral agreements.